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With us, commercial property maintenance and enhancement is easy and hassle free. At Strauser Nature’s Helpers, we have served condominiums, resorts and other commercial facilities for nearly 15 years. We offer streamlined property maintenance solutions to support your operations.   Our expansive team of trained, skilled professionals enable us to provide quick, competent work without getting in the way of traffic, customers or staff.

Property and Landscape Maintenance

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Worrying about your commercial property maintenance can be a thing of the past. No property is too big or too small. We can work with you to create a maintenance plan, design plantings and walkways or whatever you need. Our well-trained, dedicated and friendly teams will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the services they provide.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Tree and Shrub Pest Management
Pruning of All Shrubs and Trees (Under 15′)
Plant Care Program
Lawn Top Dressing

Mowing, Trimming, Blowing
Lawn Seeding and Aeration
Organic Blended 6-Step Lawn Care Program
Irrigation Repairs and Maintenance

Water Feature Care
Low Voltage Lighting Maintenance
Paver/Stone Sealing
3 Month Lasting Deer Spray

Spring and Fall Cleaning
Weed Control in Paved or Unpaved Areas
Police Grounds (year round)
Street Sweeping (year round)

Seasonal Color Planting
Edging of Beds
Installing Bed Mulch
Bed Preparation, Hand Weeding/Spraying
Redefine Bed Edges Through Season

Landscape Services

Full service design and install by our certified team for all types of housing complexes and businesses. From gardens and fountains to lighting and everything in between, Strauser will make you look your best.



Little changes to a landscape can be big on visual impact. Enhancements are small scale, 1-3 day projects. From seasonal color plantings to a water feature or seating area; let us help add drama and interest to your property.


Bring the term "garden to table" to whole new heights! Delight your guests with an edible garden. Contact us today.


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Free consultations
Site Measuring
Design renderings
Project Management


Bed Mulch
Lawns, Sod, Hydro Seeding
Drainage and Rain Gardens
Grading and Soil Preparation
Weather Smart Irrigation


Landscape Water Features
Masonry (Stone and Brick)
Retaining Walls
Wood Structures
Landscape Lighting

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