Come Alive Outside Comes to Stroudsburg on May 13th

April 12th 2017
For Immediate Release

Contact: Kate Daniels
Phone: 570-424-9434

The Come Alive Outside Green Street Challenge Comes to Stroudsburg!

This summer will be a “summer of play” for many communities across North America. Come Alive Outside, a North American non-profit, will be working with communities in the U.S. & Canada to celebrate the importance of outdoor, unstructured play by laying down sod and transforming prominent streets into temporary parks for a day!

Strauser Nature’s Helpers of East Stroudsburg and Coombs Sod Farm of Elmer, NJ are collaborating to bring this incredible event to Stroudsburg on May 6, 2017. The “park” will open on Monroe Street at 8am alongside Monroe Farmer’s Market’s outdoor season kickoff in courthouse square! Come out and join us for the day, as we celebrate the importance of play and green space in our community!

The Green Street Challenge creates an opportunity for children and families to play outside and enjoy all the benefits that community green spaces have to offer. With childhood obesity and mental illness on the rise, time spent outside getting active and connecting to nature has never been so important! The Green Street challenge is a way for communities to celebrate outdoor play and green spaces as essential ingredients to the well being of our society.

Come Alive Outside is an 501c3 registered charity that works closely with partners in the landscape profession in order to get people off the couch and back outside in communities across North America! Our mission is to inspire collaborative community systems that create the awareness, intention and opportunity for people to live healthier lives outside. For more information about the Green Street Challenge or Come Alive Outside visit our website at or email


Professional Pruning


Professional pruning saves you money while increasing the value and curb appeal of your whole property. Regular pruning of your trees and shrubs not only keeps them healthier and better looking now, but protects them from a whole host of potential problems as they grow and continue to mature.


  • To improve a plant’s looks and help it keep the best shape and growth habit.
  • To prompt new growth, since plants respond to pruning by growing. Proper pruning also maximizes flowers and fruit.
  • To reduce foliage to what the roots can support on newly transplanted plants.
  • To improve a plant’s health by removing dead, diseased or insect-infested wood.
  • To allow more air and sunlight to reach inner branches, helping to prevent disease.
  • To remove weak or dead branches that could fall and hurt people or damage property.
  • To allow for better wind movement through the canopy, reducing the chances of damage in stormy weather.

Your landscape is a big investment. With maintenance-level pruning performed by professionals, you’ll be helping that investment to grow in beauty and value. Now is a great time to schedule a tree and shrub evaluation to determine what types of pruning are needed on your property.  Contact us today.



Architectural additions referred to as hardscape can make open-air spaces com alive. Homeowners now have many unique and creative choices for enhancing their patios, lawns and gardens. A brick, paver or stone walkway, especially when replacing a too- narrow or treacherous sidewalk, can add beauty and function. Outdoor lighting can make your house numbers easier to spot and extend parties past sundown. A gazebo or fountain can be a lovely focal point. A feeding station to attract your favorite birds and other wild creatures can bring hours of pleasure.

Well-designed architectural elements can also successfully take care of problems like steep slopes or a lack of privacy. Options for retaining walls and fences are abundant. There are loads of new materials and products on the market to build that special deck, patio or porch.

You can also make changes just for fun. Hot tubs have always been recreational favorites, but you might also consider a fire-pit or outdoor fireplace. Both can warm up a chilly evening and provide beautiful firelight.

Once they’re installed, your new hardscape elements can be blended naturally into the landscape with plants. You can train morning glories or roses to climb a decorative arbor or trellis, and a garden pond comes alive when plants and fish are added.

Whatever the special needs of your property, consider a hardscape solution to add value and enjoyment for years to come. You’ll love it! Check out our Design and Install page for some ideas or contact the office to schedule your free quote.

Integrated Pest Management

pest manage

Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is an effective and economical approach to controlling most lawn and landscape pest problems that combines a wide range of proven pest control tactics.

IPM is a more environmentally friendly approach to pest control than traditional”spray everything” methods. Even though IPM does include the careful and targeted use of pesticides, these treatments are applied only when and where insects or diseases have become a problem.

It doesn’t make sense to try to be completely pest-free. Besides being almost impossible to achieve, the “eradication” approach requires a lot more pesticides. It almost always destroys insects and bacteria that are beneficial and even essential for good, long-term plant health.

Instead, we strive for pest control that is intelligent, efficient, economical and balanced. In addition to using good cultural practices (in watering, mowing, pruning, etc.), the basic components of IPM include:

  • PREVENTION: Selecting plants that normally do well in the area gives them a big advantage in naturally resisting pest invasions and damage.
  • INSPECTION: Scheduled visits to check for brown patches, wilt- ed plants, other signs of damage and actual pest presence.
  • IDENTIFICATION: Once a pest or its damage is found, we have to be sure we know what kind it is. There are thousands of insect varieties, and many are beneficial. This step can be easy or hard. Grubs are easy to spot, while diseases can be a real puzzle. Good identification is the essential first step to good control.
  • TREATMENT: When treatment is necessary, we encourage you to use all of the tools available, including watering, good mowing habits and aeration (which opens the soil and thatch layer). If a large and damaging population of insects is present, control treatments will also be recommended.
  • EVALUATION: With your help, we check haw effective our pro- gram has been and decide if additional, or possibly different, efforts might be needed.

Because it keeps plants healthier with fewer chemicals, IPM is the most environmentally sound approach to professional pest management. Contact us today to handle your pest management needs.

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